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{$d_entry} Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill is commanding officer of team SG-1. When he joined the Air Force at 18 years of age, O'Neill proved himself to be an exceptional and gifted airman and was later assigned to a special forces unit. He resigned from service when his son Charlie died by accidentally shooting himself with O'Neill's gun. O'Neill never recovered from the loss, which drove his wife to eventually leave him. O'Neill was recalled by his former commanding officer to go through the Stargate precisely because of his willingness to die. Instead, the mission gave him a new desire to live. Richard Dean Anderson is internationally known for his title role in the television series MacGyver, which ran for seven successful seasons on ABC and now airs in syndication worldwide. Anderson and his producing partner, Michael Greenburg, operating under their production company banner, Gekko Film Corp., Executive Produced the two MacGyver television movies that followed, Trail to Doomsday and Lost Treasure of Atlantis. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Andersonís first career goal was to become a professional hockey player. However, after breaking both arms in separate collisions on the ice, he decided to seek other career options. As the son of a Jazz musician father and contemporary artist mother, his interests naturally turned to the humanities. After completing a grueling cross-country bicycle trip to Alaska, Anderson began studying drama at St. Cloud State College and Ohio University. Relocating to Los Angeles, at Marineland and a jester-singer-mime-juggler at a 16th Century Renaissance-style cabaret. In 1976, Anderson was cast as Dr. Jeff Webber on ABCís daytime drama General Hospital. His role, which he played for five years, helped launch his career. He subsequently starred in the series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Emerald Point, N.A.S., both for CBS. Just prior to STARGATE SG-1, Anderson Executive Produced and starred in his favorite project to date, the critically acclaimed Legend. Anderson made his television movie debut in 1986 in Ordinary Heroes. Other television movies include Past the Bleachers for Hallmark, Eyes of a Stranger, Beyond Betrayal and Through the Eyes of a Killer. His most recent television movie was the extremely successful NBC mini-series Pandoraís Clock. In his free time Anderson plays hockey, races cars and skis any one of his favorite mountain ranges. He is the co-founder of the Celebrity All-Star Hockey Team which raises funds for charities in conjunction with the NHL and is an active fund-raiser and board member for the Challengers Club, a childrenís recreational center in South Central L.A. Anderson recently became a father for the first time to the exceptional Wylie Quinn Annarose. Wylie, her mother Apryl and Richard share time between their homes in California and British Columbia.

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