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Aliases: White Lady of Rohan, Dernhelm Date of Birth: TA 2995 Race: Lady of Rohan Height: unknown , but described as tall Date of Death: FO (???) Alignment: Good Parents: Eomund, Theodwyn Spouse: Faramir Date of Marriage: 3019 TA Children: Elboron Physical description: Tall and fair. Graceful. Blonde hair and light skin. Biography: Near the time of the War of the Ring, Eowyn met Aragorn, and instantly fell in love with him. When she learned that he planned to ride the Paths of the Dead, she despaired, and soon feared him dead. In the disguise of a man named Dernhelm, she left Rohan, and rode to Gondor with the king's forces, sneaking Merry along at her side. Eowyn won great renown, with the aid of Merry, by slaying the Witch-King and his fell steed. During the slaying of the Witch-King, Eowyn sustained a near deadly injury, and was also hurt by the black breath. During her stay in the Houses of the Healing in Gondor, she met Faramir, and while recovering, fell in love with him. After the War of the Ring, Eowyn and Faramir were married, and she became the White Lady of Ithilien

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