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Welcome to my Home Page and to the NEW and IMPROVED official Planeteer hangout! I know it will be a popular stop for all the big fans of my heart stomping, environmentally charged series, The New Adventures of Captain Planet and the Planeteers! Stick around and cruise through cartoons, download my quick-time animated Planeteer Alerts, and add some of the new sounds while you learn how you can do the work of the Planeteers! Donít miss the links to my favorite web sites. Surfing the net can expand our minds on issues that concern us. Since the environment is my favorite topic, Iíve scanned the World Wide Web to supply you with links to educational Eco-sites. Youíd be amazed how many Eco-heroes are out there right now putting together smart projects to make this planet a safer, better place for everyone! On the Net, you can find out about all kinds of environmental problems, and better yet, learn what kids are doing to solve them. "THE POWER IS YOURS" is one of my favorite expressions because it captures the extraordinary ability of one person to make a change. Even if you and your friends and family are already doing your part, there are all sorts of ecological geniuses and grantmakers out there. They can assist with solutions or funds to help you tackle environmental problems in your community. Thatís why you canít miss the link that will route you to the Captain Planet Foundation. When my series was just getting off the ground, I made sure money was set aside from licensing and merchandising profits. The product was a one-of-a-kind foundation for school-age kids (K-12). The Captain Planet Foundation awards grants to fund projects for life experiences that monitor the pulse of our planet. We invite you to apply for a grant with the help of your parent, teacher, or group leader! Think the planetís problems are too big for you to make a difference? Never underestimate your own powers! You wonít believe the amazing things that can happen when you and your friends combine to work as a team and get things done! With the help of my special team, The Planeteers, weíll continue to work for a cleaner, greener future that celebrates diversity and cultures from every corner of the globe. We applaud YOUR efforts as a Planeteer to make our planet home, sweet home. Itís the only home weíve got! We have to cherish it with our OWN unique powers. THE POWER IS YOURS! With respect,



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